Psychic Void - Skeleton Paradise 10" LP


The maximum length of a 10" record is 24 minutes. 12 minutes on each side. Skeleton Paradise, the second LP from Windsor, Ontario's Psychic Void, is exactly 24 minutes. Upon listening, you get the feeling that if the capacity of a 10" was 25 minutes, or 28 minutes, or 116 minutes, Psychic Void could fill every second with gold. Mixing gloomy lyrics with a sunny disposition, blending hardcore and psych-punk while opening the album with a minute and a half long electronic intro, playing shows with Show Me the Body, Urochromes and Glitterer, this is a band that forms the shape of the container in which they're held. Windsor, Ontario sits directly on the border between colorful Canada and gray Detroit, and so do Psychic Void.

All songs written by Psychic Void
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Josh Kaiser
Art/layout by Jo Minor

500 pressed on purplish-reddish vinyl
VB-02 2019